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Фенери FROGMAN 24000


Производител: CRESSI

Technical features:

  • Cree Led 6000º Kelvin. The color temperature has been calibrated to maintain it in a neutral white tone avoiding the tendency of most part of led lanterns to have cold blue ranges that distort the real seabed color and drive fishes away.
  • Reinforced nylon body and AISI 316 stainless steel headboard.
  • Extremely reflecting parable of concentrated beam (6º) with Advanced Focus System (Led Lenser patent) that takes profit of the luminous flux optimally.
  • Origin luminous flux of 300 lumens.
  • Effective luminous flux (at 1m): 26000 Lux.
  • Double alternative power 17000 – 3000 LUX at every turn of the switch*, very useful to save battery in case of extended use.
  • Luminous flux falling in 1 continuous hour: 30%.
  • 3 hours of autonomy continuously and 15 hours discontinuously.
  • Rotating magnetic switch with magnets isolated from marine environment through electro welded of the two plastic pieces.
  • 4 high quality AA batteries made specifically for this lantern (they’re supplied by default and are also available as spare parts). They improve 20% the luminous flux and reduce the tension falling in extended use regarding the best batteries of the market.
  • Semi elastic strap of wrist fixation through blocking system and union through safety strap calibrated at 20 Kg of breaking tension.

Length: 160mm.

Weight: 220 g.

Available colors: Black-black and White-steel.

Идва с 4 батерии Duracell AA !

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