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Неопренови Костюми Водолазни FAST Man


Производител: CRESSI

Нов модел неопренов костюм - 2020-а !


Elegant, warm and versatilethe FAST, made of 5 mm double-lined neoprene, resists well to compression in depth for maximum heat retention.

New modular wetsuit with new design and interesting technical solutions that guarantee a remarkable waterproof seal.

The anatomy of the cut of the pants is preformed to improve flexibility for an easier finning.

FAST combines a single 5 mm piece (also available in 3 and 7 mm versions) with a separate 5 mm and 3.5 mm cap, very elastic coating. The three elements can be purchased separately.

It is particularly comfortable to wear and modular thanks to the new double lined neoprene sleeves, with a "Seal" inner ring to ensure a watertight seal. This solution provides durability and is also guaranteed for dive centers that use it as the school and equipment rental for optimal results.

 YKK® rear zipper has the Acquastop® sealing system with smooth neoprene and internal under zipper to minimize water infiltration.

The neck closure has a significant design improvement that reduces water ingress at this critical point. The closure flap is now much wider and longer to prevent infiltration when tilting the neck under water.

Anatomically designed neck, preformed at 120º for maximum comfort.

Knee area and shoulder straps with Tatex® wear-resistant elastic reinforcements. This type of reinforcement practically does not limit the elasticity of the neoprene, provides sufficient reinforcement and facilitates the positioning of the wetsuit.
Particularly elastic nylon lining on both inner and outer sides to optimise the elasticity of the neoprene.

It uses the same quality of neoprene as the rest of the Cressi wetsuit collection.

Also available in 3 mm and 7 mm versions.


Неопрените вече са в магазина !

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Още продукти


Производител: CRESSI

Неопрен с цип отзад и отделно боне, само неопренът е 315.00 лв, бонето - 45.00 лв.

Цена: 315.00 269 лева Повече информация


Производител: CRESSI

5 мм-ов цял неопрен изработен от  Ultraspan  неопрен,

Хеlioflex хеланка отвътре,  заден цип T-Zip Masterseal dry zip -  сух.

Канадски ма...

Цена: 589.00 419 лева Повече информация

Diver Lady

Производител: CRESSI

Дамски цял костюм 5 мм, с цип отпред !

Цена: 355.00 299 лева Повече информация


Производител: CRESSI

5mm цял неопрен с цип отпред.

Цена: 355.00 299 лева Повече информация


Производител: CRESSI

5mm неопренов костюм от две части. Цип на панталона (Лонг Джон),

и маншони на ръкавите и крачолите.

Цена: 389.00 319 лева Повече информация