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Ластични Харпуни Жълъди Жълъди за Дайнима - конусни Abellan

Жълъди за Дайнима - конусни Abellan

Производител: CRESSI

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Minimalist wishbone for assembly of rubbers with strips and without bushings. It’s recommended for all kinds of metro rubbers but especially for the ones of reduced diameter because of the peculiarities of its elegant design.

Mechanized in one piece of AISI 316 steel.

It has a stainless steel sphere of maximum 7 mm diameter, which allows the assembly even on thin rubbers without difficulties to introduce the howitzer in the rubber’s tube and avoiding an extremely forcing of the sphere to the rubber in the critical point of constriction with the rope. This wishbone is the safest option to avoid breaks of rubbers with high exigency of tension especially in reduced diameters.

Very thin constriction area with the blocking rope: only 2 mm of diameter. This design ensures the blocking without the need of forcing the knot excessively. The rod’s diameter decreases progressively to avoid mechanism steps.

Sand finish to eliminate burrs or erosion points of the rubber or the rope.

Buttonholes to tie the Dyneema with the mechanized chamfer to avoid erosion of the rope.

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