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Колани Марсилски колан BX-R

Марсилски колан BX-R

Производител: Meandros Sub

Цветове - черен и жълт !

Marseille type, extruder belt, B - XR, 5.0mm thick.

Made of high quality material, providing excellent elasticity and comfort in deep inhalation and exhalation.

Resistance to wear, aging and rot caused by solvents, seawater, exposure to sunlight and temperatures exposed during transportation and storage.

Formation and texture on the surface give excellent and secure adhesion to fixed / slabs and removable weights.

Incomparably superior to other similar synthetic belts. Recommended use  up 8 kg.

Available in 5 colors: Black / White / Red / Green /  Blue.

Цена: 55.00 48 лева Добави в количката
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Марсилски колан

Производител: Meandros Sub

Цветове - черен и син !

Цена: 75.00 65 лева Повече информация